Representative Cases

David A. Makman
At Big Firms:

  • Applied Materials v. ASM. – Representing ASM in international patent infringement litigation relating to CVD technology. Case resulted in a favorable settlement.
  • ASM v. AceCo et al. – Primary counsel representing ASM America in patent infringement litigation relating to CVD technology. Favorable outcome.
  • Chungwha Picture Tubes Ltd. v. LG. Phillips LCD Co., Ltd. – Representing claimant Chunghwa Picture Tubes in ICDR arbitration of dispute relating to joint development and manufacturing agreement. Arbitrator’s ruling led to District Court holding that LG Phillips did not own certain patents.
  • Circuit Semantics, Inc. v. Silvaco Data Systems. – Representing claimant Circuit Semantics in AAA arbitration of a dispute relating to the settlement of a trade secret litigation. Circuit Semantics was the prevailing party and was awarded attorneys fees and other relief, which lead to settlement of state court trade secret actions against client Circuit Semantics, Inc.
  • Gordon Howard Associates et. al. v. Payment Protection Systems. – Primary counsel representing plaintiffs in declaratory judgment patent validity action relating to automotive device. Case resulted in favorable settlement.
  • Linear Technology Company v. Impala Linear Co. et al. – Representing Linear Technology Company in large international patent litigation involving power supply circuitry. Case resulted in a favorable settlement.
  • NTP, Inc. v. Research in Motion, Ltd. – Representing R-I-M on appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on issues relating to the scope of 35 U.S.C. Section 271. Federal Circuit decision is reported.
  • Ultratech v. ASML. – Representing Ultratech in patent infringement jury trial. Currently on appeal to the Federal Circuit.
  • Yamaichi Electronics v. Enplas et al. – Representing Yamaichi Electronics in international patent litigation involving IC sockets. Case resulted in favorable settlement.

Since forming Law Offices of David A. Makman

  • Road Science, LLC v. Telfer Oil Company d/b/a Windsor Fuel Company et. al.  Representing accused infringer in patent dispute involving asphalt pavement technology.  Won dismissal due to lack of standing.  After standing issues were corrected and the case was refiled, handled the case with co-counsel through a favorable Markman ruling and settlement.
  • Adelstein v. National Geographic Television. Filed for injunctive relief on behalf of journalist. 
  • Subculture Interactive Inc. v. Cuolcam.  Representing startup company that was promised funding by foreign investors. Handled from complaint through 2.6 million dollar judgment for failure to timely provide promised investment.
  • Credit Bureau Connection, Inc. v. William Pardini and BTB Inc. dba Data Consultants Credit Bureau Connection initially sued BTB for a TRO alleging copyright infringement. Ultimately, stipulated judgment issued that Data Consultants authored the software in question.
  • Fujikura Ltd. v. Finisar Corporation. Case No. 15-mc-80110, May 14,  2015.  Won motion to quash an international subpoena.  Decision discusses relationship between 100 mile subpoena rule and international treaties regarding service of process.
  • Dela Cruz v. Mentechno.  Represented seller of noodle manufacturing equipment in products liability action. 
  • Finclusion v. Merom. represented company and officers and directors in a founder dispute relating to an ICO.