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In order to be successful, an entrepreneurial business needs to identify a proper market opportunity, and a business strategy to approach that opportunity. In addition, the business should be built on a solid legal foundation — with the right contracts, the right intellectual property portfolio and strategy as well as the right financial and private equity structures. When things break down, litigation sometimes ensues.

Serving Clients in the Bay Area, the U.S. and Asia

We are in court regularly handling disputes that relate to technology companies.

In addition to intellectual property disputes, such as patent, copyright and trade secret disputes, the firm also handles commercial disputes. For example, our lawyers have handled disputes relating to breach of joint development agreements, ownership of property resulting from such agreements, and we are currently handling two cases relating to financing of start-up companies.

The firm also has experience with Asia. We represent Asian companies and help them understand the US legal system and how to use it as a business tool. We also help US companies negotiate with (and litigate against) Asian companies. We have resources relating to Asia including multilingual attorneys that can handle Japanese and Spanish with some familiarity with German and French as well.